Wayne D. Louvier




Business & Maritime Law. Prior to joining Adams Stirling, Wayne accumulated twenty-five years of valuable experience in business litigation, commercial insurance defense, maritime law and CID law.

Corporate Counsel. Wayne has been practicing law for nearly 40 years and currently works with boards of directors on all transactional matters related to commercial, residential and mixed use common interest developments. His practice includes advising and counseling Boards on a variety of topics including interpreting, understanding and enforcing governing documents; handling contract disputes, employment law issues, and FEHA and FHA obligations; drafting, amending and restating documents, contracts, architectural approvals and covenants; and participating in property inspection, IDR hearings, mediations and other legal proceedings.

Trial Work. Wayne has solid trial experience including, among other cases, serving as the trial attorney in Crestmar Owners Assn. vs. Stapakis (2008) 157 Cal.App.4th 1223.

Speaks and writes for industry organizations (CAI & CACM)
Past Member of CACM Law Journal Committee
Past Member of Legislative Support Committee for CAI – Orange County

Juris Doctor. Western State University, San Diego, CA
Bachelor of Arts. UC Irvine, Economics

U.S. District Court, Central District of California
U.S. District Court, Southern District of California

I work with a lot of association attorneys and I must say, you’re an outstanding attorney. It is truly a pleasure working with you. -Brad Watson, President and CEO, PMP Management

Wayne is such an exceptional attorney. I have had the honor to work with him and mutual clients for several years now and I am grateful that I can continue to work with him. -Christine Richards, President, CRSA Management, Inc.

You are a Godsend! -J.D., Manager

You are a wonder! -Dr. Gary

I have worked with many lawyers over the last decade. In my opinion, Wayne has proven to not only be the most competent of those I've worked with, but his communication skills are direct and concise, and there is no wasted time when working with Wayne. -Christina Villanueva, ProxiRE, Inc.

Thank you! I always appreciate your clear and informative explanations. You are a terrific resource for our Board of Directors! - Sheryl Clark, President, Summerbreeze Townhomes HOA

Thank you Wayne! You have been amazing through this entire process. -Christine R.

Could I request Wayne work on this also? He was so good and it was a pleasure working with him. Please let me know if you need anything else. -David Hallmark, Community Manager

Thank you so much for your concise response to our questions. Your answers are very clear and understandable to all of us (Board Members). -Tracy M., Acting Board President

You rock! - Norma Gonzalez, Valencia Management Group

Thanks Wayne, you did a wonderful job at the Town Hall meeting —which, without your calm tone and just “noting the facts,” could have been certainly more volatile. -Coralee D.

Hello Wayne, I wanted to send you warmest regards. You were amazing for us in Mutual 5 at Leisure World Seal Beach. Can't thank you enough for all you did for us. -Carl B., Leisure World

You have really done right by us so far and I'm confident you will continue to do so. Please tell Adrian we are happy with our representation. -Marion Fay, Director Promenade West HOA

On behalf of the Board, thank Wayne Louvier so very much for the excellent presentation he gave us concerning duties and responsibilities of board members. It was a pleasure meeting him. We all learned so much about the law. He was very professional and made the presentation easy to understand our role as board members. We look forward to working with your firm for many years to come. -Chris Spalding, Treasurer Bernardo Heights 12 HOA

I am a big yea on this--especially compared with what I have seen coming out of our previous legal advisor's office, this is a very impressive document and it looks after the well-being of the Association. I think we are getting value for the dollar. - Board President

Each board member now believes Wayne Louvier walks on water. -Juleen T.

I just received your analysis. I was surprised and pleased that you had taken the time to do the review so promptly, given the work load you are under. You have been a fair and impartial legal analyst of any and all situations we have put before you. LDM is the benefactor of your thoughtful work. -Skip Norris, President, LDM HOA

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