Jeffrey A. Barnett




Jeffrey Barnett is a highly experienced attorney with over 40 years representing common interest developments in the South Bay and California's Central Coast. His legal services include:

Architectural Matters. Advise on the application process, plan review, appeal of decisions, preparation and enforcement of architectural standards and restrictions.

CC&R/Rules Enforcement. Prepare violation letters, attend hearings, advise and participate in IDR and ADR proceedings, and enforcement litigation.

Contract Review & Preparation. Draft, prepare, negotiate and revise contracts for all vendors, contractors and management, including scope of work, indemnity and insurance issues.

Corporate Matters. Evaluate and provide opinions on corporate issues including governance, board and membership meetings, and Corporations Code and Davis-Stirling compliance.

Elections & Recalls. Preparation of election rules, ballots, voting instructions, proxies, and notices; provide opinions on challenges, attend elections, annual meetings, special meetings of members, and advise concerning recalls of the board.

Legal Opinions. Provide legal advice, analysis, opinions and recommendations to the Association on legal issues, including governing document interpretation, corporation issues, maintenance and repair responsibilities, and association governance.

Litigation. Representation of associations in litigation, including complex and multiparty litigation.

Document Amendments. Review and analysis of CC&Rs, bylaws, articles, amendments; restate and amend governing documents; preparation of court petitions to amend governing documents under Davis-Stirling Act and Corporations Code; creation of ballots and voting documents; representation of associations in Civil Code 4275 proceedings for court approval of amendments.

Fair Housing. Legal advice and counseling concerning California and federal fair housing laws and regulations related to common interest developments, and representation in connection with fair housing complaints by HUD, DEFH and private organizations.

  • State Bar of California, Sections on Real Property and Litigation
  • Member, Legislative Committee, Educational Community for Homeowners (ECHO)
  • Member, South Bay and Central Coast Panels, Educational Community for Homeowners (ECHO)
  • Former Chair of Client Relations Committee, Santa Clara County Bar Association
  • Planned Development Zoning Study Committee, Los Gatos, CA
  • University of California at Los Angeles: 1967-1968
  • University of California at Berkeley: 1968-1969
  • Wadham College, Oxford University, England: 1969-1970
  • University of California, Berkeley: 1970-1971
  • University of Santa Clara, School of Law: 1971-1974
Undergraduate Academic Honors:
  • Graduation with Distinction in General Scholarship
  • Honors program completed in the major with great distinction
  • Phi Beta Kappa
Post-Graduate Academic Honors:
  • Graduation Magna Cum Laude
  • Comments Editor, Santa Clara Law Review: 1970-1971


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