Associations regularly enter into agreements with contractors and vendors, including landscapers, roofers, plumbers, painters, management, and the like. Proposals and form contracts provided by contractors and vendors are, more often than not, more favorable to them and not to their associations. Bids offered are also often non-specific as to important terms like time, place, scope of work, schedule of work, liability, termination, insurance, etc. On top of that, associations’ governing documents commonly have limitations on contracts.

Our firm regularly drafts, reviews, negotiates, interprets and enforces contracts. They include:

  • Earthquake Retrofits
  • Elevator Maintenance
  • Employment Agreements
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Management Agreements
  • Pet Control Contracts
  • Plumbing Retrofits
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Roof Repairs & Replacements

Construction Contracts

  • architects
  • engineers
  • consultants
  • contractors

In addition, we are trained to spot and correct issues that a board or management company may miss, including:

  • Insurance and Licensing
  • Indemnification
  • Mechanics Lien, Stop Notice and Surety Bond Claims
  • Extra Work
  • Payment Schedules and Structures
  • Incremental Evaluation/Assessments
  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Change Orders
  • Delays
  • Acceleration Issues
  • Construction Mediation & Arbitration

We are experienced in the advisory, transactional and litigation aspects of construction law. The asset types the firm has worked with include mixed-use developments, multifamily housing, office buildings, residential subdivisions and planned communities.