Commercial and industrial common interest developments are a significant and growing segment of the industry. So much so, that in 2014 the legislature carved them out of the Davis-Stirling Act and created a separate body of law called the “Commercial & Industrial Common Interest Development Act.”

Our attorneys represent a large number of commercial and industrial associations as well as mixed-use associations. All of the services we provide to residential associations we also provide to the boards of directors of commercial and industrial CIDs. Our services include:

  • Amending governing documents
  • Enforcing restrictions and rules
  • Drafting and enforcing contracts
  • Assisting with elections
  • Director corporate compliance
  • Preparing disclosures
  • Disability compliance requirements
  • Assessment collection
  • Litigation, arbitration, and mediation

Following is a sampling of the commercial-industrial associations we represent:

  • Garry Plaza Office Park Association – Santa Ana
  • Meridian Professional Center – Loma Linda
  • Eastman Industrial Center Association – San Buenaventure
  • Expressway Business Center – Perris
  • Anacapa Business Center Condominium Association – Santa Barbara
  • Clifford Meridian Business Center – Riverside
  • Rye Canyon Business Park – Valencia
  • Park Place Business Park – Culver City
  • Lake Forest Building Owners Association – Lake Forest

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