ADAMS | STIRLING is a leader in the legal industry in its use of technology to deliver quality work product to our clients. Doing so also increases the efficiency of our attorneys, which enables us to reduce costs for our clients.

Paperless. Our offices are entirely paperless. We utilize high-speed scanners to convert all paper files into electronic ones. In addition to being eco-friendly, our cloud-based software allows us to instantly access client records whether in the office or on the road. No longer do we wait for file clerks to rummage through dusty paper files hoping to find the right record days after the request is made.

Data Portal. We also have the ability to create data portals for depositing large files and litigation records in an encrypted location for client review. It allows client access without emailing sensitive records over insecure lines.

Financial. We also utilize the latest in financial software so we can electronically transmit pdf files to our clients. When they want a history of their billings, we can send it in minutes. If they prefer monthly electronic billings instead of paper, we can save trees.

Calendaring. We use the latest in cloud-based software for calendaring and reporting our litigation cases.

Phone System. One of the ways we utilize technology is in our communications with clients. Our phone system immediately relays phone messages as an audio file via email to our attorneys, so they can pick up their messages wherever in the world they might be. Instructions that might be relayed can then be saved to the file. The software allows our receptionists to relay calls wherever they might be — at an attorney’s desk, in their car, or to their cell phone.

Video Conferencing. Because we are a statewide law firm with offices in different cities, we use video conferencing to stay connected with each other. We are now employing it with our clients. It allows us to immediately connect with clients in remote areas and save them the cost of our travel time.

Ergonomic. We also supply our attorneys and staff with the latest ergonomic devices to keep them healthy and productive. We use high-efficiency commercial grade desktop computers with solid state drives, dual monitors, split keyboards, ergonomic chairs, and flexi desks so attorneys can stand or sit while working.

Intranet. In addition to our award-winning public websites (, and, we employ an internal website for the firm. It allows all our attorneys to work together in teams, to post the firm’s policies and procedures for easy access by attorneys, and to implement master calendaring.

CIDLAW Listserv. We created and manage a listserv for CID lawyers throughout California that allows collaboration on new case law, legislation, and problems facing our industry.