Adrian Adams

ADRIAN ADAMS. In the 1980s, a young Marine with expertise in radar, infrared, and reconnaissance systems in F-4 Phantom fighter jets and a degree in psychology began managing large-scale common interest developments while earning an MBA from UCLA. He had been managing large gated communities and luxury highrises and planned to move into large-scale resort management. Those plans took an unexpected turn when two law firms independently approached Adrian and asked him to enter law and specialize in common interest developments.

A law degree soon followed as did a line of clients the day he was sworn into the practice of law. Adrian quickly built a large boutique law firm providing quality legal services to common interest developments throughout the state.

Adrian used his background in technology to create the award-winning Davis-Stirling.com which he launched in 2004. That same year he then launched the popular electronic Davis-Stirling newsletter. The website quickly became the leading resource in the community association industry and the most used reference by board members, managers and homeowners with millions of page-views per year. In addition, Adrian’s unique blend of humor and common sense approach to the law made his newsletter the most read CID newsletter in California.

Larry Stirling

HON. LARRY STIRLING. It was Larry Stirling's leadership in the State Assembly that brought about landmark legislation known as the Davis-Stirling Act, the law governing all common interest developments in California. A born leader, Larry served in the Army where he quickly became an officer commanding troops in Korea. This was followed by assignment to the 12th Special Forces, Green Berets and steady promotions to the rank of Major.

Following active duty, Larry graduated from law school, was elected to the San Diego City Council, and then to four terms in the Assembly and one in the Senate. In the legislature, Larry authored over 200 pieces of legislation. While in the Senate, he was appointed to the Bench by Governor Deukmejian. It was upon his retirement from the Bench that Judge Stirling joined with Adrian Adams to form ADAMS | STIRLING PLC.

Growth. As the firm grew and opened offices throughout the state, it attracted talented attorneys who rose to become partners in the firm. As part of their practice, the firm’s lawyers are active in protecting associations and their members by training boards and managers on how to reduce their legal exposure. In addition, they serve as consumer advocates in the legislative process in Sacramento supporting bills that strengthen associations and opposing bills that harm them.