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Author of Davis-Stirling Act. While serving in the California Legislature, then Assembly Member Larry Stirling authored the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act, a bill sponsored by Professor Katherine Rosenberry. The Act created the body of law that now governs all community associations in California.

Judicial and Public Service. Mr. Stirling has a history of distinguished service in the public sector. After serving as an administrative analyst for San Diego's City Manager, he was elected to the San Diego City Council.

Subsequently, he served four terms as Assemblyman for the 77th District. His record of achievement led to his election to the State Senate followed by an appointment by Governor Deukmejian to the bench as a judge.

Judge Stirling presided over thousands of cases, both civil and criminal. As a result of his efforts on behalf of Court unification, he was commended by various state/local bar associations and, upon his retirement from the bench, by the California Judges Association.

Author. In addition to authoring the Davis-Stirling Act that bears his name, Mr. Stirling authored over 200 pieces of legislation and two state constitutional amendments. He also authored two books: Leading at a Higher Level, a book on public administration reform, andAsked and Answered, a book on practical courtroom evidence.

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Los Angeles, CA 90064

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Juris Doctorate. Western State University, San Diego, CA

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, San Diego State University


Elected to four terms as Assemblyman for the 77th District

Elected to State Senate

Superior Court Judge

Author and Speaker


• Served as an officer in the US Army and commanded a company in Korea

• Served nine years with the 12th Special Forces, Green Berets

• Directed an academy for non-commissioned officers

• Retired with the rank of Major

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